JM Honda Racing Presents Linie-Up For 2022 Season

JM Honda Racing is proud to announce its rider line-up for the 2022 season. Besides remaining active in the MXGP class, the JM Honda Racing team will also be participating in the MX2 world championship series.

Henry Jacobi remains with the team. Jacobi had some excellent showings during the 2021 season in the MXGP world championships, and the team is working hard at improving on this for the 2022 season. With 16 finishes inside the top 15, Jacobi was consistently well into the points, but both he and the team are aiming for more, and are working hard towards even better results next year.

Ivo Monticelli will join Jacobi in the MXGP class. Monticelli is an acknowledged fast rider, and hopes to develop further within the professional structure of the team. Monticelli has recovered fully from the shoulder injury that plagued him all season long, and can start his preparations for the season in good physical shape.

After a few years’ absence, the JM Honda Racing team will also be active in the MX2 class again. Petr Polak will be flying the team flag in this class. The young Czech has scored several top 15 finishes in the 2021 MX world championship series, and will only benefit from the professional structure of the JM Honda Racing Team to enable him to score consistently well.

“I am proud of the line-up that we announced. We can show some growth with all three riders based on their level of the past year, and that is positive. The Honda material provides an ideal base to be able to produce good results. We have already started with the preparations for the upcoming season, and will leave no stone unturned to get to the race season in full readiness.”

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JM Racing Honda thanks members, partners and fans

The JM Racing Honda team had signed Henry Jacobi and Michele Cervellin for the 2021 season. Unfortunately the preparation of Cervellin was ruined by an old wrist injury and due to this he missed the first half of the world championship. When he was fully recovered he worked hard together with the team to be ready for the second half of the season.

Just when he found the right direction again he made a small crash and dislocated his shoulder during a training session. Unfortunately there was too much damage so he needed surgery which meant the end of his season.

Henry Jacobi showed many good things during the 2021 season. He started with some bad luck at the opening round in Russia and failed to score points but after this round things started to go in the right direction for the German. In the third round of the championship in Maggiora, Italy he scored his best result of the season with a fifth position. Another top ten moto finish came in the opening moto of the MXGP in the Czech Republic. In two of the four motos who were held in Turkey he finished inside of the top ten as well.

Jacobi finished more than 15 motos inside of the top fifteen but had his share of bad luck as well. In the week prior to the MX of Nations in Mantova he picked up a back injury. Due to this he had a few difficult Grand Prix’s including his home round in Teutschenthal. But he kept working hard and gave everything in the final part of the championship to finally finish in 15th position in the final championship standings.

Jacobi has learned a lot during the 2021 season and has become a more complete rider under the guidance of former world champion 500cc, Jacky Martens. The entire JM Racing Honda would like to thank all their partners and fans for their support and we hope to see you again in 2022.

Difficult MXGP Weekend in France For JM Racing Team With Three World Championship Points

Henry Jacobi of JM Racing Honda had a difficult French Grand Prix in Lacapelle Marival. Jacobi crashed at the start of the first heat, and had a bad launch in the second, keeping him down to a modest points haul for the weekend.

This was the first ever MXGP event to be held at Lacapelle Marival. Getting a good qualifying position was crucial, since the start layout definitely favours the inside gates, and passing on this track is difficult. Jacobi exerted all his efforts to try and clock a good qualifying position, but got no further than 19th spot.

Jacobi had the misfortune to be involved in a crash right at the start of the first heat. The bike was substantially damaged, so much so that he was forced to retire. He tackled the second race with new motivation. His unfavorable gate resulted in a less than optimal start, and he had to start his march forward. He kept fighting till the very end, and managed to add three world championship points to his tally for 18th position.

“It did not go our way” team manager Jacky Martens said. “The start is very important here. Alas, in the first race, we had a setback right off the start, and in the second race he got boxed in. He did not give up, and kept fighting to the end. We are aiming to deliver a rising line at the next GP in Spain.”

Overall MXGP France:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 47 Pnt
2 Romain Febvre 47 Pnt
3 Tim Gajser 35 Pnt
4 Jeremy Seewer 35 Pnt
5 Antonio Cairoli 34 Pnt
21 Henry Jacobi 3 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 460 Pnt
2 Romain Febvre 454 Pnt
3 Tim Gajser 450 Pnt
4 Jorge Prado 398 Pnt
5 Antonio Cairoli 387 Pnt
15 Henry Jacobi 127 Pnt

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Strong performance of JM Racing Honda at Belgian International at Mol

Henry Jacobi of JM Racing Honda scored a podium finish during the annual Belgian international at Keiheuvel in Balen. Jacobi did well in the deep sand and finished third overall. Yentel Martens dusted off his bike for the event and finished sixth. Michele Cervellin is clearly approaching his form of old, and finished ninth in race one.

The Keiheuvel event has become an institution over the years. The weather was great, and thousands of spectators rocked up to encourage the riders. During qualifying, when the track was still smooth, speeds were high and the team riders did well for themselves, with Martens qualifying sixth, Jacobi ninth, and Cervellin 11th.

Martens had a good start in race one and formed part of the leading group. He held a top three spot for a number of laps. He dropped to fourth later on, and was passed by Jacobi near the end of the race. The German rider had to fight back from outside the top ten after a lesser start. Jacobi eventually finished fourth, with Martens fifth, and Cervellin ninth, after an early mistake had dropped him to 14th.

The JM Hondas rocketed off the line in race two, with all three team riders in the top five. Jacobi pushed through to third, and followed the leaders. He held his own, and finished third in the race. Martens held a very creditable fourth for a while, a great performance for a semi-retired rider among the world’s top sand riders. Later on, he dropped the pace somewhat, and finished seventh. Cervellin crashed hard while in sixth position, and had to retire.

Jacobi was third overall in the MX1 class, with Martens sixth and Cervellin 14th, after not scoring in the second race.

The Superfinal pitted the top 15 of the MX1 – and MX2 riders against each other. The track was by now the bombhole it is notorious for. Jacobi held fourth spot for a long time, but a slide-out crash cost him a spot. Martens was initially just outside the top five, but an early mistake dropped him to 12th. He eventually finished 11th.

“It was a great outing for us,” Team Owner Jacky Martens said. “We have made some adjustments during the week that worked well during this race, and we have taken another step forward. Jacobi rode splendidly in the sand. Yentel surprised everyone by doing so well after not having raced for a long time. He was fighting with the front runners. Cervellin is definitely regaining his form, and we hope he can continue along this line in the next three weeks, so that we can fight for top 15 positions again in Turkey.”

The JM Racing Honda team can bask in the memories of a good outing, and this will spur them on in their preparations for the second half of the world championship season, which starts in Turkey on 5 September.

Overall international race Mol:
1 Glenn Coldenhoff 50 Pnt
2 Jeffrey Herlings 40 Pnt
3 Henry Jacobi 38 Pnt
4 Brent van Doninck 35 Pnt
5 Brian Bogers 31 Pnt
6 Yentel Martens 30 Pnt
14 Michele Cervellin 12 Pnt

Photocredits – Eric Laurijssen